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SwissRidge's Golden Mountain Doodle

Here at SwissRidge Kennels, I am always looking for ways to improve the quality, health and appearance of the dogs I breed for my clients. My goal is to create the perfect family dog that is loyal, affectionate, fun, great with kids, and of course, healthy and long-lived. I recently decided to breed one of my beloved Goldendoodles with one of the best examples of my stunning Bernedoodles.  Both of these dogs were bred right here at SwissRidge, so I know that they are healthy, and have wonderful temperaments.  I researched their pedigrees seven generations back, and have done health testing myself of on three of those generations, because I owned them!  I am confident that these pups will blend the traits that I love about their parent breeds—affection, loyalty, playfulness, and intelligence. They will be beautiful, healthy, low- to non-shedding dogs and a great addition to your family. What more could you ask for?   

Female #1
Female #2
Female #3
Female #4
Male #1
Male #2
Male #3
Female #5
Male #3
Male #4
SwissRidge's Golden Mountain Doodle
Lazeeza x Henry
Previous litter ALL SOLD

SwissRidge's Mini Golden Mountain Doodle
Charlie x Rex
Born: March 25th 2015
All these pups are sold if you are interested in upcoming litters please contact me.